Internasjonalt kurs for ledere innen radiologi, 9.-13. februar i Praha

European Training and Education for Medical Physics Experts in Radiology

Development of the profession and the challenges for the MPE (Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology) in Europe

This module aims to help the future MPE (Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology – including fluoroscopically guided procedures performed outside the imaging department) acquire the knowledge, skills and competences necessary to exercise a leadership role within the profession in his own country and in Europe. The content of the module would address the development of the role of the MPE in D&IR in its entirety and would inform and provide a framework for discussions for all the other modules. In the face-to-face phase participants will have the opportunity to discuss the major issues facing the profession directly with the present European leaders of the profession. The participants would also be updated with the latest EU directives, guidelines and activities impacting the role to ensure they are at the forefront of these developments.


Application deadline is 9 December 2014

Late applications considered if places available

Online phase starts Wednesday 17 December 2014

Face-to-Face phase Prague 9 – 13 February 2015

Optional Open-Book Assessment 13 February 2015

Internasjonalt kurs for ledere innen radiologi (EUTEMPE modul 1) arrangeres i Praha 9.-13. februar.

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