ICMP 2013, The 20th International Conference on Medical Physics, 1.-4. september 2013, Brighton, UK

The 20th International Conference on Medical Physics (ICMP) is being held in Brighton, UK from 1st – 4th September 2013. The conference theme is ‘New Horizons – Global and Scientific’. This international event will showcase current research, educational and professional development, and the contribution of industry to the field of medical physics and biomedical engineering. ICMP 2013 will present the latest research, developments and scientific discussions in the various fields of medical physics and engineering.

• Cancer treatment methods and technologies.

• Medical imaging and diagnostic technologies.

• Novel Medical devices.

• Application of Social Media and technologies.

• Remote diagnostics and monitoring.

• Radiation protection and Dose reduction methods.

• Rehabilitation and Assistive Living Technologies.

Call for papers: [download id=»2799″ format=»1″]

Website: ICMP 2013