IAEA, Nuclear Medicine Physics, A Handbook for Teachers and Students, 2014


Gratis nedlastbar bok fra IAEA (evnt betale for å få den i bokform).

Bilde This publication provides the basis for the education of medical physicists initiating their university studies in the field of nuclear medicine. The handbook includes 20 chapters and covers topics relevant to nuclear medicine physics, including basic physics for nuclear medicine, radionuclide production, imaging and non-imaging detectors, quantitative nuclear medicine, internal dosimetry in clinical practice and radionuclide therapy. It provides, in the form of a syllabus, a comprehensive overview of the basic medical physics knowledge required for the practice of medical physics in modern nuclear medicine.


Av Ellen Wasbø

Stråleterapifysiker, Bergen 2004-2014 Diagnostikkfysiker, Stavanger 2014+

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