ESTRO Physics Research Masterclass, 10-13 september 2017, Florence, Italy


• To improve proposals submitted by participants for a research project or a scientific paper, under the supervision of renowned scientists in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

• To highlight current trends and important unresolved issues with future research opportunities.

• To discuss general aspects of scientific research, e.g. paper and grant writing.


Participants should:

• Have an interest in research in radiotherapy physics or a related field, e.g. imaging science, computer science, mathematics, biophysics…

• Be early starters in research who want to develop research skills.

• Come from both small and large departments, with or without a research tradition.

• Possibly (but not necessarily) have relevant experience outside research, e.g. in a radiotherapy clinic.


In attending this Masterclass, participants will be able to:

• Enhance the quality of research projects concerning novelty, potential impact, urgency, and feasibility and risk.

• Effectively discuss novel research projects with colleagues to maximise scientific value.

• Discuss current trends and research opportunities in radiotherapy physics and related fields.


• Go home with a solid project

• Develop their network by meeting new researchers from Europe and beyond and grow scientific/mentoring relationships.

Attendance will be limited to 36 participants!

Application deadline: 15 MAY 2017

For more information and application see the flyer:

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