Elekta NACP Grant 2014

Elekta, together with the Nordic Association for Clinical Physics (NACP), has established “The Elekta – NACP grant”. The aim of the grant is to support clinically working physicists in the field of radiation therapy and to encourage research and development in the field.

The grant of 3 500 EUR will be awarded once per year to one physicist that has submitted the best motivation to why he/she should be awarded the grant.

Criteria for selecting the winner are: relevance of the study/project/collaboration, originality, and usefulness within the field.

The evaluation will be performed by a board appointed the NACP council. In case of equally assessed applications the board has casting vote. In addition, winner of the grant should be able to make a short presentation upon request.


Deadline is 1. november!


For more information and application form see [download id=»2911″ format=»1″]