Course in Radiotherapy Physics

Oppdatering: Kurset er flyttet fra november 2020 til januar 2021.

Det arrangeres kurs i stråleterapi-fysikk den 12-16 Januar 2021 (Sutton) og 2-6 mars 2021 (Chelsea). Kursene arrangeres av The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR).

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This course provides practical and theoretical education for the support of a modern radiotherapy physics service within radiotherapy.

It is aimed primarily at recently qualified radiotherapy physicists, but should also be invaluable to post-graduate students, researchers, clinical oncologists, engineers, radiographers, manufacturers’ representatives and in fact, anyone needing to deepen or update their understanding of this rapidly evolving field.

The faculty is composed of physicists, clinicians and radiographers, many of whom are internationally renowned for their expertise. Saturday workshops and demonstrations make full use of the facilities of the Radiotherapy and Physics Departments of The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust. The course content is reviewed annually to reflect changes in practice and technology.

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