Autumn 2018 Issue of European Medical Physics News

We as editors are very proud to release this Autumn 2018 issue of European Medical Physics News: a wealth of news in our European medical physics community has been collected and communicated, the layout has been improved by resorting to a professional publishing expert, the Editorial Board of our Newsletter has been extended to include all the members of the EFOMP’s Communication and Publications Committee, and this reflects into a joint effort which produced this great issue of EMP News, the first one with this new layout and extended editorial board.
In particular, we welcome in the board the Vice Chair elect of CP Com, Prof. David Lurie.

The main feature of this Autumn 2018 issue is the series of articles related to the second European Congress of Medical Physics (2nd ECMP), held in Copenhagen on last August, and related events. You will find a number of articles describing how this highly successful Congress (both in terms of attendance and scientific/technical level) represented a fundamental step in the progress of our European Federation.

But we cannot underestimate the relevance of two facts which occurred in the last months  and reported with two articles on pages 4 -7 of this issue: the new possibilities of EFOMP National Members Organisation to become Associated Societies with our scientific journal: Physica Medica – European Journal of Medical Physics  (see article on pages 4-5 by the EFOMP President), and the increased interest of Companies in becoming official EFOMP Company Members (see article on pages 6-7).

For 2019, important activities/events in which EFOMP is involved are illustrated in this issue, with articles on ECR 2019 (27th February- 3rd March, Vienna, Austria) and the forecoming ESMPE Schools.

Workforce and training issues in UK are illustrated in three articles by Prof. B. Ferry, Dr. L. Parvin and our editor M. McJury, respectively, providing a clear view of the status in these aspects of medical physics in UK.

A highlight of this issue is the announcement that Italy will host the 3rd ECMP in Turin on 24-26 September 2020. Please save the date!

I admit that I was delighted by the proposal, by our editor C. Caruana, to start a section of EMP News dedicated to “What Medical Physicists do in their free time!”: you can find in this issue the first two articles of this interesting series.

We are sure you will most enjoy reading the article by Prof. P. Sharp, Past EFOMP President, on “Is there life after the Presidency?”. We are grateful to Prof. Sharp for sharing his feelings on this otherwise delicate issue, which points to the passion and full participation which characterizes the activity of all colleagues involved in high level responsibilities for the benefit of our profession and of our European community of medical physicists.

Mark McJury contributes also his review of the recent publication in medical physics (“Clinical 3D Dosimetry in Modern Radiation Therapy”), the second articles in this series, started this year.

The Editorial Board of EMP News thanks all articles’ contributors to this nice Autumn issue!

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