1 st Annual Radioactive Waste Advisers Training Course, London 22 Oct – 24 Oct 2018

Providing a basic underpinning knowledge for Radioactive Waste Advisers

This course provides the theoretical background and training necessary for the management of unsealed and sealed radioactive substances in hospitals. Application is being made to have the course accredited for IPEM CPD. Prices for 2018 will be lower than subsequent years.

The first day covers the following subject areas: historical review, interaction and units, instrumentation, radiation effects and risks and the regulatory framework. The following two days cover the legislation, applying for a Permit and compliance with the Permit conditions, the transport regulations and practical management of radioactive substances in hospitals.

As well as lectures there will be workshop sessions covering some practical issues.

The course is at a level suitable for hospital physicists working in the field of radiation protection or those who want to expand their knowledge in this field. It is particularly suitable for those wishing to become Radioactive Waste Advisers and covers the Basic Underpinning Knowledge (Basic Syllabus as set out in the RPA2000 Guidance).

For more information:

Flyer/Registration form: RWATC Registration Form

Website: Radioactive waste advisers training course


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